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5 Tips For Selecting The Best Maternity and Pregnancy Doctor

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most beautiful phase for every woman and her family. Although there are many risks, these risks are nothing when you think about your little one with whom you will give birth.

When you learn about your pregnancy, you start looking after the best gynaecologist in Mumbai. But the question is, there are so many gynaecologists and how to select the best maternity and pregnancy? This process may take time, but it is worth thorough research before selecting the one.

Scroll down to learn some tips that can assist you in selecting the best gynaecologist for your pregnancy and maternity treatment.

What Are the Tips to Select for the Best Maternity and Paternity Doctor?

It is important to select the best gynaecologist in Mumbai. Given below are the best five tips that will help you:

  1. Friendly, trustworthy, and make you comfortable:

Choose the gynaecologist whom you find friendly, trustworthy, and feel comfortable while communicating. It is important because your doctor is the person who will help you during your delivery and pregnancy. With their friendly nature, you can easily share your worries or problems and find it comfortable to communicate freely.

Moreover, a doctor-patient relationship is set when there is a feeling of trust. If you can trust the gynaecologist you select, they are the right doctor for you. With this, they can take the right decisions at short notice for you and provide you with all the crucial information that will help you with your pregnancy and child.

So, finding a doctor whom you feel is friendly and trustworthy is important. With this, you can leave your pregnancy journey plan without stress.

  1. Good reputation:

When looking for the best maternity doctor, looking for particular standards is not wrong. It is because your gynaecologist knows more than others about some of the most private aspects of your body, sexuality, and complete health.

Check the hospital’s website your doctor is affiliated with and verify their medical credentials. Knowing whether she has a good medical history and how long she has been in this field is necessary. Also, check whether your gynaecologist is also an obstetrician or not. If yes, it will be more helpful for you during your delivery period.

You can also ask your family, friends, your general physician, or your colleagues about the reputation of the gynaecologist. If you get positive views from them, you can consider that gynaecologist.

  1. Availability and proximity:

During the pregnancy period, you need to meet your gynaecologist frequently. So, before finalising, you need to check how accessible your doctor is. If a doctor is far from your reach, it will be quite troublesome to commute them for your appointments.

If you are a working woman, it will be better to look for a gynaecologist whose office is within your office range. This way, you can meet them after or before your office. Also, your doctor should be close to your home too. Otherwise, when your delivery date is near, you must travel for hours to reach their clinic or hospital to get admitted.

Apart from the proximity, your doctor must be accessible. Good doctors always find time from their busy schedules to answer your calls or questions. They are always available when their patients contact them.

  1. Charges:

Ask the doctor about their charges. Some parts of your decision also settle on this question. Check their consultation and delivery fees. This amount may differ from doctor to doctor or from one hospital to another.

You can select a gynaecologist who is also an obstetrician. Ask them also their delivery charges. Sometimes, doctors related to the same hospital have similar charges. However, it is also possible that they have private clinics. Usually, they charge less for delivery and regular appointments at their private clinics. You can contact them from there and select the most suitable among them.

You can also use your insurance schemes to cover the charges of hospitalisation. Also, check whether the hospital of your gynaecologist comes under your insurance policy or not. This way, you can reimburse your credits and meet your budget.

  1. Experience:

In the case of maternity and pregnancy, women like to trust those with more experience and specialisation in this field. Generally, they prefer those gynaecologist doctors who are either senior specialists or have years of experience and practice in this field.

A doctor having years of experience or a decade at grasping all kinds of cases can be the right choice. You must check how many successful deliveries they have done, whether they prefer normal delivery or C-section in their cases the most, or do they know any other safe delivery process or not.

In a Nutshell

Generally, women find it uncomfortable meeting a male gynaecologist and prefer teh female one. However, a male gynaecologist needs to understand your questions and help you. It will be best if you become open-minded when looking for a gynaecologist.

Most of the time, family members suggest a gynaecologist who is tried and tested and has known them for a long time. But you do not need to feel bad or pressured if you want to look for another.

The gynaecologists at Nanavati-Max hospitals are experienced and friendly. You can consider them as your maternity and pregnancy doctors!


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