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7 Features That You Need to Know About Haier Washing Machine

The Haier washing machines are one of the hot-sellers in India. It comprises numerous features and washes modules to render an optimized laundry routine. No matter whether you are getting the Haier semi-automatic washing machine or automatic washing machine, you need to examine the features in detail before purchasing. Here are the top 7 features you need to check.

  • A user-friendly control panel

Haier washing machines are one of the best in the market for various reasons. One of these reasons is their user-friendly control panel. All the modes, the speed, etc., can be easily controlled and managed. Also, it requires no intricate knowledge of these things individually or cumulatively, in order to work with them. This makes everything quite easy for people who do not have any experience washing with automatic or Haier semi-automatic washing machines. 

  • Clean and smart design

The Haier washing machines have a clean and smart design that makes them look elegant. You can keep them in any corner of your choice, and add to the beauty of their surroundings. Also, the designs are such that they do not take up large spaces, helping you to easily place them anywhere inside your home. There are various colors that you can choose from. You also get an amalgamation or a pattern of various colors put together. The Haier washers are smart and would be a perfect addition to your home. 

  • Child lock available

Child locks prove to be of great help in the case of children meddling in the working of the washing machine. Also, it keeps them safe by not letting them get into the process of using the washing machine on their own. Child locks are available in Haier semi-automatic washing machines, as well as automatic washing machines. Using the child-lock feature, you can prevent any manual disturbance to your laundry process. Once you activate this feature, all the external buttons will be locked until the completion of the washing process. 

  • Have a good water flow capacity

The Haier washing machines are known to have a good water flow capacity. This means that the clothes you are putting inside them for washing, get cleaned up in a faster and better manner. This capacity greatly affects the quality of cleaning clothes. If a particular washing machine has a mentioned or a practically good water flow capacity, it will clean all sorts of fabric in a better way. You must look for this particular feature in the Haier semi-automatic washing machines that you buy.

  • Plastic drums in most of the models

Having a plastic body not only makes the washing machine light in weight but also protects it from getting rusted. The bodies of most of the Haier washing machines are made up of plastic. Not only the bodies but the washing drums used inside the washing machines are usually made up of plastic. This saves them from getting rusted or chipped off in any manner. If you live in an area where the quality of water is not good, or you get salty water supplied to your home, having a plastic drum can assure the long life of your washing machine. With the presence of the plastic drum, you need not worry about any wear and tear on your delicate dresses. 

  • A quick wash button

Haier washing machines have come up with the feature of a quick wash button. This feature is usually found in automatic washing machines, but you can check their availability in the respective models that you are considering buying. This feature helps in the cleaning of your clothes in 11 minutes. The quick wash feature takes only minimal time but offers an enhanced and spotless laundry process. Make sure that you do not stuff your washing machine with piles of clothes using this mode, for a better-quality wash. 

  • Help in saving electricity and water

One of the chief features of the Haier semi-automatic washing machines as well as similar Haier washing machines is that they help in the cleaning of clothes using less water and electricity. The design of the drum or the bubble wash technology is designed to save water in the long run. Also, the power rating ensures power saving. This is not only helpful but considerate towards nature. 

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