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How Internet Troubleshooting Tips Saved My Life?

Your internet moving slowly? It may be because the router is outdated or the router is not in an idle location. Service provider is intentionally doing bandwidth throttling. Your network connection needs an easy fix, like upgrading a modem and router needs to restart.

Why are you worrying so much, we are here to fix all your problems regarding slow internet.

However, we are constantly working on providing better troubleshooting tips for you. Just read the article carefully. 

Router Location Improve The Speed

Your WiFi isn’t working or a bit slow then your service provider must be a culprit. Which is forcefully taking you back to change the router location. Check that your router is in a proper location in your home and office. If the antennas are not on their location, redirect the  antennas, double-check your network security and so on.

Test Your Internet Speed

You can deeply measure the health of your internet, by a number of ways. Slow internet is limiting your broadband, If you’re streaming more on Smart TV then there might be a chance of slow internet connections. Once you get to know that it is not so easy to increase the speed. I will suggest you do a simple speed test.  Through Orbi router login, you can check whether the connection speed is consistent with this simple tip.

Try a Router Restart 

Hardware and Software can be a component cause of which you need to restart your computer again and again. But, you can easily get off of this problem by clearing the caches of the running process. If you address the connectivity issue every two times a week then; for sure it’s time to restart your router. 

Evaluate Software Problems

There could be some security policies or firewall rules for your connectivity issues.Like, many new generation antivirus solutions which are helpful in blocking the malicious traffic. For example- Norton and Malwarebytes which include network intrusion protection that acts as a software firewall. 

When you install two software firewalls on the same computer, such as Windows Firewall and a private, third-party firewall, the contention between the two can incorrectly block traffic. If there is any kind of connection issue, consider disabling it temporarily. 

However if you have recently installed or upgraded the firewall. 

Consider a mesh network

If your office and home is built in a large area then you need a mesh WiFi router for sure, which can provide you the range even in the backyard of your home or even on the second story of your building. 

Your router is not enough, Although it is time to consider a mesh router instead. 

Ordinary routers can provide only a fixed ammount of speed, but the mesh networks sacrifice some speed to improve connectivity. If you require high-speed connections for streaming, gaming, and power-hunger work applications, Your standard router needs to be upgraded. As a result for a worthwhile investment and will likely perform better.

If you are looking for a stable wireless connectivity, in genral to connect a PC. Or you can connect a LAN cable with a router to form a connection.

If your old hardware isn’t supporting your high speed internet plan, then there is no point in signing up for the plan. Consider how old the router is as it can be an issue to the speed of the internet.

Ethernet Cable All You Need

Connect your device with an Ethernet connection cable to form a connection with your device. As, there could be wires which might be broken from the middle and from the corners of the wires. Which leads to dropping the connection. 

Number of Devices

A fixed amount of data can only be transferred through the device. As more devices that are downloading and transferring the data over WiFi can seriously slow it down. However, only a fix amount of data is usally pass through the WiFi networks.

Why do the devices give different speeds while connecting with other devices?

There are several factors.

  1. There could be different WiFi capabilities of different device
  2. SNR of the WiFi signal
  3. Co-channel interference
  4. Overlapping WiFi channels
  5. The number of WiFi routers serving WiFi signals at the same time.
  6. Distance of the client device from the WiFi router.

Remind these above points also while you try to connect your device.


If you do not get enough internet speed then you can try the troubleshooting tips given to you in the article, or you can just keep in mind reset router or extender with Netgear Orbi login.

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