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How Mega Obby Built a Community

Mega Obby has become an online gaming sensation and many players are having a blast of a time facing numerous challenges that just don’t seem to end. With developers creating hundreds of thousands of unique levels, the game keeps players hooked up for a very long time and it has surely helped the game build a vast community of gamers, from all around the world.

But there’s much more to this super challenging game than what meets the eye. And today, we are going to talk about how Mega Obby has built a huge community. And more importantly, where did it comes from?

What is Mega Obby?

Mega Obby is an obstacle course game with tons of unique and super-challenging levels. As far as we know, Obby games started gaining traction thanks to Roblox with Mega Fun Obby title that had over 2500 different levels. The main objective of these Obby games is for the player to run and jump over a series of blocks and reach the finish line without falling or touching the deadly ones.

But Roblox is not the only platform with popular Obby games and the Mega Obby title on Crey has also managed to gain huge popularity in the gaming world, with its unique gameplay style and variety of challenging courses. The game has recently hit over 350 different levels and many more to come.

How It Became So Popular?

One of the main reasons behind the game’s staggering success is that you get to feel the ultimate thrill of challenge by playing with other players and showing off your epic monkey jump skills. You can choose to play with strangers or invite your friends to play this party game. And the reason why players stick to Mega Obby for such a long time is that it’s super addictive and pushes you to keep going one level at a time.

But the thing that I love the most about Mega Obby is that players get to give their feedback about different levels to the developer to make the gameplay experience smoother and glitch-free. And with frequent updates, there are always new levels to play before you even reach the final one.

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