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How to Draw An Otter

How to Draw An Otter. Otters are some of the cutest and numerous unique animals found in nature. These aquatic creatures are more comfortable in the water and like to be floated on their backs in rivers and streams.

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Her cuteness has made her popular with many people, making these otter fans want to learn how to draw an otter. Luckily, this is your guide if you’re one of those people!

How to Draw An Otter

Step 1

We get this guide on how to draw an otter, starting with your otter’s head and chest. To do this, you can draw a fairly curved and rounded line to form the beginning of the shape you see in the reference image.

It will be a thinner shape at the top for the otter’s head, but it will be thicker going down as that’s where we’ll be adding the body in the next few steps.

Step 2

In this part of your otter drawing, we will create a cute face for it. The otter’s eyes will be quite far apart, and we will draw them with two simple black dots with a small white spot. So you can draw a small triangular shape for the nose, and then underneath, there are curved lines for a smiling mouth.

As shown in the reference image, you can also draw a short leg with a large paw sticking out the side of the otter’s body. Then you can draw small shapes on the side of the head for small ears. Once you’ve drawn all of this, we’re ready for step 3!

Step 3

In this third part of our guide to drawing otters, we will continue to add to your adorable otter. First, you can draw another leg that will look very similar to the one in the previous step.

It will also be a fairly short leg with a large paw, but this time it will protrude from the body’s contour due to the angle. Finally, you can use a sharply curved line for the otter’s back.

Step 4

Your drawing of the otter looks great! In this step, we will finish the body before moving on to the final details. First, you can draw the back legs of the otter.

These look slightly different than the front legs, with a much more curved line over some even longer and thinner legs.

Eventually, the tail behind the otter will be quite long and thick and will be drawn with curved lines.

Step 5

Most of your otter is complete, so you must add a few final touches before the final step! In our example, we added small, simple lines to areas like the otter’s face, legs, and body.

Draw An Otter

These details help add extra touches like whiskers and fur detailing to bring the design to life. Before proceeding, add your details to the image!

One thing you could do would be to draw a cute wallpaper for your cute otter. Perhaps this little creature is relaxing by a calm stream or lake!

Step 6

Now that your otter drawing is fully drawn, it’s time to finish it in amazing colors! This step lets you get creative and have fun adding your favorite colors. You can even experiment with fun artistic devices to bring the image to life!

Otter Drawing

Otters have color variations that can vary depending on the species, and we chose a gray color scheme for our image. This is just one color of many that you could choose from, and be sure to use some of your favorite colors to complete this design!

You could opt for more natural shades, but you could also create a more stylistic variation. Once you know what kind of colors you want to use, you can have fun with your favorite art mediums.

If you want more vivid and bright colors, you can use acrylic paints and colored pencils for the picture.

Your Otter Drawing is Finished!

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