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Important Factors When Buying An Electronic Metal Cash Drawer

Electronic Metal Cash Drawer are systems designed to enable products to be sold in retail stores, where cash registers are the core of the store. When purchasing an electronic cash drawer, there are many things to consider besides the price of the cash drawer as the main component of your POS system. Therefore, it is best to buy a product with basic functions and a popular structure such as MS Cash Drawer, APG, or MMF.

Electronic cash registers typically process items by reading the information on the product label (usually using a scanner), checking the price in a price database that matches the label information, and adding that price to the total of all products purchased by the customer. , sending sales data completed sales and inventory software sales system is incomplete without other software applications that convert ECR data into operational signals, such as orders to send more or less certain products to a specific location based on sales.

Electronic Metal Cash Drawer Basics


How big of a safe do you need? Usually, what determines this is (A) your other POS system hardware and (B) how much space you have in your POS system. For example, if you are purchasing a Electronic Metal Cash Drawer for a tablet-based POS system, it is usually best to purchase a cash drawer that is 13″x13″ (or smaller) to 16″x16″ (recommended maximum).
If you are buying a cash drawer for a standard POS system (not a tablet), it is best to buy a large cash drawer from 16″x16″+. Also, make sure to measure your countertop before buying a cash drawer to make sure it will fit. If you can’t fit the required size of cash drawer above the counter, consider installing it below the counter if possible. Most silver drawers have optional undercounter mounting brackets.

Silver Plate

Make sure your Electronic Metal Cash Drawer has a removable cash tray (also called a “cash register” or “insert”). Top drawer cash drawer manufacturers offer removable cash trays for most models. (Note that small cash registers that are 10″ x 13″ or smaller often do not have a removable tray option.) Having a removable tray will allow you to easily change and count bills when employees change switches. Also, make sure the money drawer tray has an adjustable money slot; This will allow you to easily customize the tray for optimal use. Most modern cash drawer trays have adjustable slots, but it’s a good idea to check before buying.

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Holders of Metal Coins

Make sure the silver tray of your silver drawer has a metal/spring-loaded silver plate. Metal wallets are more durable than cheaper plastic wallets. Some metal cash drawer manufacturers market their plastic wallets as a superior construction to metal wallets, we’re just amazed at how they make that claim!

Finish Color

Try to buy silver drawers that don’t have the standard “powder-coated” finish. Cash registers with standard powder coating are often scratched and scratched. Most inexpensive silver drawers are standard powder coated; However, MS Cash Drawer (a leading cash drawer manufacturer) offers a variety of Electronic Metal Cash Drawer styles with a dust-resistant coating in addition to the Echo Series range and color finish.

Media Outlet

A cash register with a media slot is something to consider when purchasing. Most Electronic Metal Cash Drawer models come with or without a media slot. A media slot (as the name suggests) is a slot on the front of a cash drawer where you can insert checks, receipts, etc. without opening it. Dig deep into the size of the cash drawer and it will have 1 to 3 media slots. We recommend purchasing a cash drawer with a media slot just for user convenience.

Lock Function

Not all Electronic Metal Cash Drawer locks are the same, so it’s best to consider the type of lock you need before purchasing. The cash drawer lock is available in 2 to 4 “position” settings:
2 positions: electronic lock and electronic unlock
3 positions: electronic lock, electronic unlock, and manual control (most common)
4 positions: electronic lock, electronic unlock, manual control, and open lock
“3-position lock” is the most common type of cash drawer. Note that if you are buying several cash drawers, you can choose to lock them all with the same key. Lockers are sold separately by default, so be sure to request a keyed option before purchasing; This is a special order that can delay shipping up to 2 weeks.


This is related to section 5 above on media channels. Cash registers have different capacities. This is extra storage space for receipts, checks, coin rolls, and more. If you plan to store a large number of coin rolls or other items in your Electronic Metal Cash Drawer, be sure to buy one that offers enough storage space. MS Cash Drawer EP-107N2 or MMF Media Plus are the first choices for this need.


Loud or not? In the past, all cash registers had bells. This is the initial low-tech loss prevention measure in cash accounts (bells ring to alert everyone when they hear someone open the cash drawer). From that day on, the cash box with the bell ceased to exist. That’s because computerized POS systems track when “no sales” come in and by whom, whereas today’s POS systems can be connected to cameras that capture an image every time a metal cash drawer is opened.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with some people who might still want old-fashioned bells and whistles. If you want a cash drawer that rings every time you open it, we recommend the MS Cash Drawer; they offer a bell option for most silver drawer models at a nominal cost.

Type of interaction

The most common type of Electronic Metal Cash Drawer is the so-called “cash drawer-powered receipt printer”. This means the cash drawer will be operated by your receipt printer. Your cash register is connected to the back of the receipt printer via a custom RJ cable (which looks like a phone line), and when the receipt printer prints, it sends a signal via the RJ cable to the cash register to open it a simple process. So when you buy a cash drawer make sure you get an RJ cable. Some cash drawers come standard with the cable, while for others it is an optional item.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Electronic Metal Cash Drawer

Cash registers are non-smart devices, so they are compatible with most POS system installations.
A heavier locker usually means it’s of higher quality.
As with any other product, the more cash you pay for a drawer…build quality and quality. better behavior.
Cabinets are usually available in the following colors: black, white, and beige.
We recommend buying one of the following brands: MS Cash Drawer, MMF Cash Drawer, and APG Cash Drawer. There are many different brands and models of silver drawers on the market today, and most of them are cheap and break down after a short time.

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