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IT Jobs: How to Get One with Zero Experience?

IT jobs are on the rise!- This can be seen through the high number of professionals who think about taking IT as a career or those who think about changing their current careers into more profitable and high-in-demand technological ones. 

So, in both cases, you’ll need to know how to start the IT career from scratch when you don’t have any experience, and sometimes you don’t also have a college degree in information technology in any related field.

Here I come to share with you some tested and tried ways to help you start your next IT job with zero experience. 

10 Ways for Getting Into IT With Zero Experience

  • Reconsider your previous experience before applying for IT jobs

Once you start an IT career, you have to think about your past and current skills; you may find yourself lacking some of the qualifications required for the job, but your soft skills will close the deal since many soft skills are transferrable into IT jobs. 

If you are applying for a help desk job opening, for example, mentioning your customer service, communication, interpersonal skills, and familiarity with the MS Office will significantly add value to your application. 

Reading every job description carefully will give hints on how to utilize your previous experience to get a job in IT, which will help you tailor your resume for every position. 

  • Gain more experience

Having experience will be a great advantage when landing an IT job in UAE

These are some ways to gain IT experience: 

Courses: Whether online or in-person, courses frequently involve you in performing hands-on projects or assignments. Some may also help you prepare for certification tests. 

Personal projects: If you work best without a lot of structure, you can experiment with learning through individual projects. Developing your application, creating a website, or discovering a network will help you utilize your skills and add to your resume experience section.

Internships: Internships always help apply your talents to gain experience.

Freelancing: With minimum experience, you can start working on entry-level projects as a freelancer. 

Volunteering: IT specialists are required for many volunteer positions nowadays and will help you have professional experience working on an actual project. 

  • Get IT certifications

Companies now are looking for skills, not official degrees, so to get your feet into the IT industry, you can obtain IT certifications in some weeks to get your first IT job.

You will demonstrate to recruiters that you have the necessary abilities by being certified. That can help to compensate for the lack of experience. For some positions, having the correct certificates will place you ahead of candidates without experience or credentials. 

Also, having some certificates will open more doors for you since some employers look for specific certificate holders to fill out some particular IT roles. 

Which IT certificates are ideal for IT beginners? 

  1. CompTIA A+: It is an excellent certification demonstrating basic knowledge in various IT disciplines. It validates your understanding of networks, hardware, cloud, portable devices, and diagnostics. It will help you in getting your help desk position. 
  2. CompTIA Security+: It’s an excellent certification to get started in Cybersecurity. It confirms your knowledge of optimal safety protocols. The topics covered in the goals are networking, data and host security, risks, conformity, accessibility and identification administration, and encryption.
  3. CompTIA Network+: This certification’s criteria address networking fundamentals, debugging, architecture, administration, and protection, and it will be an excellent start for information technology career beginners. 
  • Adapt your current Degree

You may be wondering why you have selected literature as your educational background or why English comes as your major. 

Yet, with the high demand for IT professionals, companies are widely open to hiring people from different cultures, experiences, and educational backgrounds. 

So, you can demonstrate how this cultural background in studying literature will help you be more creative while solving problems since you also have strong communication skills and how your English will help you get engaged with more professionals worldwide to discover more about the field and its trends. 

  • Start with an entry-level job

Although being a manager or a supervisor now, shifting to IT may require starting from an entry-level job. Remember your shifting goals, and be sure that this start will help you gain more knowledge and experience over time. 

Consider gaining certificates along the way to educate yourself and show your dedication to the new sector. 

This will help you get an edge over other candidates and step up the ladder quickly for a higher position with a higher salary. 

  • Utilize your networking skills

 In today’s digital world, it will not be surprising to discover that 80% of IT jobs are hidden. So, getting recommended for a position will widely help you when you start a career in IT. 

Find a mentor to gain from his expertise and spread the word among your connections that you have shifted your career and are looking for a new information technology job. 

Simply posting a post informing your friends or colleagues that you are interested in working in technology will help unexpected open doors.

  • Discover more about relevant technological skills

Being familiar with the WordPress websites launching or understanding the Salesforce hints will add value to your resume.

You can learn about IT-relevant skills by watching YouTube videos and following IT experts on LinkedIn. 

Exert more efforts in sharpening your software and IT skills, and these efforts will get paid off one day.

  • Search for Relevant Roles

All industries are relevant to IT since almost every employee today is using a computer and dealing with many software pertinent to his job. 

So, find a starting point in your current role that is relevant to IT and sharpen your skills so you can get your first entry IT job while having the basic knowledge required for the industry alongside your current knowledge

  • Update your LinkedIn account to demonstrate your new career

90% of recruiters use LinkedIn while looking for jobs, so update your profile title, summary, certificates, and other relevant details to get noticed by recruiters. 

If you’re concerned that your present employer may discover you’re considering a job shift, go to Me > Settings & Privacy and alter your settings to limit what he sees.

  • Practice the IT interview questions

IT job interviews will include technical and behavioral questions like any other interview. 

And practicing the answer to these questions will help you stand out since you’ll be more confident, and your responses will be more persuasive. 

Read the job description carefully and prepare tailored answers to win the position.

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