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Linksys Extender has Weak Signals? Simple Tips to Boost Signals

Are you facing slow internet issues because of the slow internet? Many internet users are facing the  same issues. We are here to help you with a number of tips to improve your WiFi speed. Also we have given you a lot of easy ways to setup the linksys range extender setup with the help of simple reallocation of the device.

Disconnect Extra Devices

If the Linksys Extender signal is connecting to more than one device, there may be chances of signal division. This can be a major reason to slow down the WiFi signals. We recommend disabling all the devices connecting. To boost the WiFi signals.

Use An Extension

A regular extension wire could result in creating the dead zones. As due to small wires the desired connectivity area remains so far from the router.

You need to use an extension cord in some cases, if you want to stretch the range of the modem to the upper floors. In addition, do not place the extender on an elevated bookshelf.

Adjusting the antenna’s position also helps in repositioning the signal in a specific direction.

To optimize the range of the extender which comes with detachable antennas, is much easier then you can switch them with higher amplified antennas to optimize the range.

Therefore, you might use the signal reflector to divert the signal from the one end to the other end of the house or office.You can use aluminum foil or some cans to create a WiFi deflector. 

Remove Barriers

Many electronic objects around the device are potentially strong to absorb or reflect the wifi signals. objects such as- reflecting items like mirrors and metals reflect wi-fi signals, while walls and closets block the signals by absorbing them cordless phones spread a lot of Radiofrequency. Electronic objects like microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. which might disturb the WiFi signals massively. So make sure, whenever you place an extender, keep them away from the products which are proven to be the barriers.

Update Your Router

If you are receiving bad signals then possibly your internet speed will be lacking. Then your router’s firmware might not encounter the malwares and spywares that you are already having.

To steal your internet bandwidth Hackers sometimes infect your router with malwares and viruses.

Therefore, the malware could also travel through the signal networks and can easily infect your device. Keeping the router’s firmware updated ensures you the security and faster internet access.

Move your router to a better location

If you have placed your router at an edge of your home’s space, it is possible that you may have issues with Wi-Fi signals at the other end. The best place for a router is a central location and elevated place, near where you use the internet mostly. However, it is not a big task but yes do not relegate the router to the basement that sets you back for connectivity issues. Like this these issues will easily vanish.

Keep the Router Near The Extender

Always keep the router near the extender and see whether there is any change or increment in the signal speed. As this step fixes this issue very quickly. If this simple setup isn’t helping much then you can login to the portal of linksys extender login and arrange the settings yourself.

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