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Solved: Linksys Velop Not Connecting to Modem

To remove all the WiFi dead zones in your home, performing Linksys Velop setup in your home will be one of the best things to consider. But, what if you get “Linksys Velop not connecting to modem” issue? Well, that can be a mess, isn’t? Don’t sweat over it! We suggest you walk through this post to know the actual reason behind the issue. Once you determine the actual reason behind getting the issue, it will be a piece of cake for you to resolve it. Isn’t it cool? And, more interesting! We will provide you the best solutions to resolve the issue at hand. Make sure you stick to this 6-minute read!

Reasons: Velop Not Connecting to Modem

The reasons behind the annoying issue are as follows. Just have a quick nudge on them!

  • Distance between your Linksys Velop router and modem is too much

  • Linksys Velop is placed on a bad location

  • Technical glitches

  • Use of a damaged Ethernet cable

  • Internet-related issues from the end of your ISP

Fixed: Velop Not Connecting to Router

Now, we are going to provide you solutions to “Linksys Velop not connecting to modem” issue. Just read them first! Once you understood them upon reading, apply them patiently to keep the issue at bay. Here we go!

Fix 1: Lessen the Velop-Modem Distance

Excessive distance between your Linksys Velop mesh router and modem might result in the issue you are currently experiencing. Don’t worry! You just need to pull the devices closer in order to get rid of the issue and to provide full signal strength of your modem to your Linksys Velop.

Once you lessen the distance between Linksys Velop and modem, you will have no issues while connecting them.

Fix 2: Relocate Linksys Velop Mesh Router

Where you have placed your mesh system? It is placed inside a cabinet, under a table, behind curtains, or near Alexa devices, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles, and play stations? If so, then it’s high time to relocate your Linksys Velop mesh WiFi system. Place it somewhere higher, cool, and open area of your home, away from the obstructions listed above.

After relocating the Linksys Velop accordingly, see if you are now able to connect it to your modem or not.

On the off chance, the issue still persists, continue reading this post as 6 minutes haven’t ended yet.

Fix 3: Restart Linksys Velop

Have you ever noticed that your Linksys Velop mesh system acts weird some times? Well, it can be due to technical glitches. Don’t worry! To get rid of technical glitches, we have a solution i.e. power cycling it. So, to power cycle or restart your Linksys Velop, all you have to do is:

  • Unplug it from its respective wall socket and wait for a couple of seconds.

  • Thereafter, plug the Velop back in again.

Try connecting it to your modem and see if this time you are able to or not.

Fix 4: Use a Working Ethernet Cable

When nothing worked for you so far, you need to check the Ethernet cable you have used for connecting the devices. There are chances that the cable has cuts or damages on it due to which it is giving you the connectivity issues. Don’t worry! Replacing the existing Ethernet cable can help. Apart from this, you must keep a couple of below-mentioned points into consideration:

  • The cable must be connected in a correct manner to the correct ports of your device.

  • Ethernet connection must be finger-tight.

Fix 5: Coordinate with Your ISP

In the event you have used a wireless source for connecting your Linksys Velop and modem, ensure that you have accessed the correct SSID. And, even after having access to correct SSID and using the right password, you are still getting issues while making a connection between your Velop and modem, then contact your ISP. There is a possibility that your service provider is the culprit. All you have to do is to request him to:

  • Update the modem (if needed)

  • Improve your internet speed by upgrading the data plan

  • Ask him if the modem provided by him is Velop-capable. Yes, that’s correct! Incompatibility between your Linksys Velop mesh WiFi system and modem can also lead to connectivity issues.

To Sum Up

All the tested and proven hacks listed in this write-up are surely going to help you fix “Linksys Velop not connecting to modem” issue. We hope that you have followed and applied each and every hack provided here after understanding them. Were they helpful? Please share if you enjoy reading this 6-minute read?

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