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MBBS In China’s Top Medical Colleges 2023

MBBS studies in China 2022 – 2023

Pakistani students are studying MBBS In China 2023 because Chinese public universities are recognized worldwide and a degree from a Chinese university is the best way to get a degree. MBBS students, especially those from South Asian countries, always feel well influenced by Chinese traditions and get a good social environment during their studies. It is advantageous for international students to study in China as there are many universities to study at, tuition fees are low and scholarships are available for outstanding students.

Cost for Pakistani MBBS students in China 2022-2023.

MBBS education in China

Enrolment for MBBS training in China has started at WHO/OIE/MoH accredited and approved universities and medical schools.

The application process for MBBS training in China has already started – submit your application to WHO/OIE/MoH accredited state universities and medical schools in China as soon as possible. The admission rate is 70% for English language universities (F.S. Premedical) and 60% for bilingual universities.

MBBS in China in 2022 – applying for admission

List of A-level medical universities in English-speaking countries according to MOE (Chinese Ministry of Education) and PMC.

The Sichuan University Medical University of Kunming in China applications for MBBS in China – MBBS-Online – China Medical University of Guangzhou.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE), MBBS and English language universities in China have been approved.

MBBS education in China, A-List PMC University

MBBS studies in China at low prices – Admission 2023

Study MBBS in China for Pakistani students in the year 2023.

MBBS in China facts and statistics

Study MBBS in China for Pakistani students in the years 2023-2024.

MBBS in China is very important information for future medical students.

For those who want to study medicine, public universities with English teaching in China are the best and most suitable options to study MBBS, and for various reasons, some of them, but not all, are most suitable for Pakistani students.

In fact, only English-speaking universities in China teach English to foreign students, and only these universities, also known as “registered universities”, are allowed to offer MBBS courses.

NLPTECH Consulting Ltd. has more than 25 years of experience in providing access to the best medical universities approved by China’s Ministry of Health.

List of public universities in English-speaking countries by Ministry of Education:

Universities in the UK have an annual tuition fee of 100,000-110,000 rupees, which includes tuition, accommodation, and meals. The MBBS program consists of five years of study and one year of internship, making the MBBS program six years. The entire MBBS program costs between 650 000 and 700 000 pesos.

Unfortunately, most Pakistanis are not aware of the Ministry of Education’s list of English-speaking universities that are legally recognized and offer MBBS programs.

Universities, where English is not spoken, are called bilingual universities. The annual cost, which includes all expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and food, is between 7.5 and 8.5 million Rials.

Students who qualify can apply to university in English.

They must achieve a score of 70% in the preparatory subjects and at least 60% in the core subjects. Individuals who have not achieved these grades cannot apply to an English-language university.

Bilingual universities are eligible for MBBS in China.

The definition of a bilingual university is as follows.

In these universities, Chinese and English are taught together and due to the lower tuition fees, there are more Pakistani students. Most do not offer MBBS, but some do. Their degree is called MB (Bachelor of Medicine), and in these universities, students must pass HSK 4 in their first year. HSK 4 is a one-year course in Chinese, and it is very important that they pass, otherwise they cannot continue their studies in the second year and study medicine.

Disadvantages of bilingual universities.

Tragically, many students who are not working seriously are not admitted to the university and, if not admitted, they drop out of their studies and live in hotels (often hidden from their families) to obtain new offers.

In bilingual universities, medicine is taught in English, but there is a risk of switching to Chinese at any time. As before, many universities were bilingual and offered medicine teaching in English for the second year, but then returned to Chinese and all students had to study in Chinese or enroll in another university (moving to China wasn’t even an option), all at your own risk; some universities have suddenly returned to teaching in Chinese, such as Taishan Medical University, Jining Medical University, and others.

Note that if a student studies medicine in Mandarin, she will have trouble enrolling in the PMC in Pakistan, as students studying abroad must be taught in English.

Some renowned bilingual Chinese universities that offer medical training in English are

While it can be difficult to take responsibility for a fully bilingual university, our experience shows that even some of the best universities are worth considering for students with a score below 70% or for those who want to study medicine at a low cost. .

We can offer you our services and suggestions. Otherwise, entering a low-cost university is a waste of your future, your money, and your time, so consult us or contact an experienced medical training advisor to get a good future.

Take your time to make up your mind, as this is not something you can buy cheaply on the market and then regret it. It is a waste of time and money and you cannot recover your future.


If you want to study MBBS and want to do it in a Commonwealth country or abroad, only UK universities are eligible for admission.

If you are serious about your future and want to choose an experienced and reliable English or bilingual advisor for MBBS admission, you are in the right place. Every year, people who enroll in MBBS in China and ask various questions about their future MBBS studies come to us to meet their needs. As NLPTECH consultants, we are always ready to provide optimal service with specialist knowledge and up-to-date information.

How to apply for MBBS in China?

If you are really interested in MBBS, English or bilingual, you can scan the documents and send them via WhatsApp or e-mail. Pay the tuition fee and we will help you choose the best university for you and facilitate your admission. Students who are awaiting the results after graduation can also apply for admission.

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