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My Netgear Router Keeps Disconnecting. Help Me Fix It!

It’s no wonder that Netgear Nighthawk routers are sitting on the throne of the digital realm. The reason is their cutting-edge features and ability to take the modem’s signals throughout your house. But, everything seems to be irritating when the Netgear router keeps disconnecting. Reports have revealed that some users are even unable to access the Nighthawk login admin window due to this problem. To prevent the same from happening, you can try the tips shared below.

[Solved] Netgear Router Keeps Disconnecting

Right from the wrong placement of the router to its outdated firmware plethora of reasons might drag you to the Nighthawk router keeps disconnecting issue. But, whatever the reason is, the tips mentioned below will help you resolve the issue with ease:

  • Re-position the Router

As mentioned earlier, the wrong placement of your Nighthawk router leads to the emergence of connectivity issues. Perhaps, your router also sits at an unfavorable location. In that scenario, repositioning the router will be your first resort. The router must be located in the center of a well-ventilated room of your house. Also, take care of the room’s cleanliness. Furthermore, you should ensure that there is no such object or device present in the room that is capable of restricting your router’s WiFi signals from getting propagated.

  • Hardwire the Router-Modem Connection

Have you connected your Nighthawk router and modem wirelessly? Well, that might seem comfortable as you do not need to get involved in a mess of wires. But, trust us, wired connections do better than wireless ones. It is so because when a wire is holding a connection between two devices, the flow of communication is bi-directional. It means, your Nighthawk WiFi router and modem will communicate directly and signals won’t get scattered thereby surpassing WiFi interference. Thus, you should establish a hardwire connection between your router and modem. However, avoid making use of the damaged cable.

  • Discard Surplus Devices

When we say surplus devices, we refer to the devices accessing your Netgear Nighthawk router’s network without your permission. In the second event, all the devices present in your home are accessing your WiFi. Thus, you should access the Netgear router login screen and consider blocking unnecessary users. Do not allow the automatic connection between your devices and the Netgear router network. This way, only a limited number of devices will be accessing your router. Who knows, this simple act will resolve the Netgear router keeps disconnecting issue too?

  • Reboot Your Nighthawk Router

At times, not for the aforementioned reasons, but a technical glitch is the reason leading to the Netgear router keeps disconnecting issue. But, relax! Getting rid of them is way easier than flying a kite. All you have to do is look for the Power button on your router and press it. Thereafter, you have to wait for as long as you can. Once enough rest has been given to your router, press the Power button again. Now, see if the connectivity issue has bid adieu to you or not.

  • Update the Firmware

Last, but not least, an outdated firmware of the Nighthawk router also holds the strength of causing the issue you are facing. It is because if the router utilizes outdated firmware, it starts to lack the latest features. So, you have to get the Nighthawk router updated. Access and do a firmware update by downloading the firmware file. However, we advise you to download the correct firmware file. Else, you can fall victim to the Netgear firmware update failed issue.

Final Thoughts

The Netgear router keeps disconnecting issue can push you into another pit of router-related issues. We are very hopeful that you will be able to fix the issue with the aforesaid hacks.

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