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Tremendous features of Netgear range extenders can be harnessed only after logging in to it and tweaking some settings. However, at the most important stage of the extender login procedure, one needs to enter the  password. But, it’s really exhausting when the password doesn’t work. Does it sound similar to you? Have you also given up on the idea of making changes to your Netgear extender’s settings because the login password is not working for you? Well, don’t sweat over it. Troubleshooting the issue will be like plucking flowers. But, know that you have to go with the default factory reset if there’s some serious problem with the range extender. Prior to that, we want you to have a look at some of the easy-to-implement troubleshooting tactics to resolve the issue. Read on.

Fixed: Password Not Working

  • Key in the Password Again

The wrong entree of the default password is a common mistake committed by thousands of Netgear users. Also, it is an obvious reason leading the user to the password not working issue. Perhaps, you have joined their club. Well, it is time to rectify the mistake you’ve done. Re-enter the login password without any mistakes and check whether you are able to do Netgear login. In the case of a negative outcome, implementation of the next hack is recommended.

  • Use the Updated Password

This troubleshooting hack is for those users who go the extra mile and change the login password at the time of the extender setup process. Well, if you are one of them, we would appreciate you for this security step. But, it seems that you forgot that when the extender is assigned a new login password and username, the default ones no longer unlock the door to the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard. Thus, we suggest you proceed using the updated login password. And, of course, you need to enter the password without mistakes.

  • Reboot the Extender

Technical glitches – the term invented to describe minor issues related to any networking device. But, the powers they hold tend to wreak havoc on the entire network system creating major problems. The Netgear extender login password not working issue is just the beginning. The good news is that resolving technical glitches is way simpler than understanding Darwin’s theory. Just get near your range extender and pull its plug out of the wall socket. Done? Now, keep your extender aside for some time.

  • Update the Browser

The extender password won’t let you log in if the web browser you’ve put to use is not updated. Bear in mind that an outdated web browser is one of the common factors that create hurdles during the extender login process. So, what you need to do is navigate to the Settings menu of the internet browser and see if any software update is available. If it is, then you are supposed to get it installed as soon as possible. Additionally, you should ensure that the web browser is not loading the cached version of the mywifiext  login window. You can do this by clearing the browser’s cache and cookies.

  • Check the Ethernet Connection

There are times when the extender’s password fails to redirect the user to the Basic Home screen due to the weak Ethernet connection. Perhaps, you haven’t looked back at the Ethernet cable after setting the extender up and it has worn out with time. Well, check the cable to see if what we’ve assumed is true. In case the Ethernet cable turns out to be damaged, you have to use a new one as its substitute. In addition to that, ensure that the connection made by you is nowhere near loose. Else, the issue will keep emerging.

  • Get Rid of Viruses

Viruses are those programs that scare every technocrat. The reason is their infectious nature and the ability to create problems with the home network. It seems that the computer you are using to perform Netgear extender login has got infected with viruses. So, consider checking for the same. An antivirus program will help you detect the presence of infected files and programs on the PC. As soon as you come across any infected file, delete it. Thereafter, access  and see if the login password has started working for you or not.

Sum Up

That’s all you can do to fix the password not working issue. If the issue is no more troubling you, we would love to applaud you for troubleshooting the issue with excellence and patience.

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