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Quick Guide to Solve Comfast WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

In case the LED on your Comfast extender is blinking red, it means that something is wrong with your device. There are more than ten reasons why the LED on your device is blinking red. But, quit worrying because we have highlighted some hacks in this article. All you need to do is, go through these hacks and get the issue resolved. For your information, in some of the hacks, you will have to access the Comfast repeater setup wizard.

[Resolved] Comfast Extender Red Light Issue

  1. Restart the Comfast Extender

Restarting your Comfast extender is the first thing that you should definitely try doing considering you are a victim of the Comfast extender red light issue. Fret not. Giving your device a restart is a five-finger exercise.

For restarting your device, one simple thing is required from your end, i.e. turning off your device, waiting for some time, and turning it back on. Try to see the LED status of your device. Is it still red or has it turned green?

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

There is a very high possibility that your wireless devices are not exactly connected properly. Maybe your Ethernet cable is hanging loose. Whatever the case might be, it is recommended that you access a new Ethernet cable for connecting your devices Once that is done, consider checking if the red light issue has left you.

In case it is still following you around like a shadow, then you should waste not even a single more second to follow the next hack.

  1. Perform Comfast Firmware Update

Another thing that we prefer to recommend to users to troubleshoot the Comfast extender red light issue is first checking and then updating the firmware. A firmware is a software that comes embedded in every networking device. When updated, it can enhance the performance of the device that you own.

We would like you to do the same thing. What is that? Wondering how to update your device’s firmware? Well, know that you need to access the Comfast WiFi extender login page using the login details, and then go to Settings. The instructions given on the page will further guide you on how to complete the process.

  1. Pull the WiFi Devices Closer

Even after making so many efforts, if you are still struggling because of the red light issue, then it might be because your extender is located at the North Pole and the router is placed at the South Pole. Now understand that we are talking in a metaphorical sense here. But, if we talk in the technical sense, then it means that your devices are kept far from each other. This can make it difficult for them to communicate effectively. Thus, you need to do one thing, reduce the distance between the devices.

Final Note

With the last hack, this article written on how users can troubleshoot the Comfast extender red light issue has ended. We are really being hopeful that you will be able to fix the red light issue as soon as you are done trying these troubleshooting hacks.

By any chance, if you are still experiencing it; it is recommended that you reset your wireless range extender. This hack has helped many users to fix the red light issue. You might get helped out by it too. Are you ready to take the risk? If yes, reset your device now. Once you’ve finished that, you might be wondering how to setup Comfast WiFi extender. Well then, you should refer to the step-by-step guidelines given in the user manual. You will find all the methods there that can help you to set up your device with a lot of ease.

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