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Resolving Poor WiFi Signals from Netgear Router

Netgear routers are built with high-power antennas and amplifiers. These routers are designed to maximize your WiFi coverage, thereby providing industry-leading performance. However, there may be some instances when you are experiencing slow internet while you are connected to your Netgear router. Various factors like router placement, signal interference, outdated firmware, etc. can affect the Netgear router WiFi range.

If your internet connection speed is below your expectations, then there are chances that you may face not working issue. All you need to do is follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned below to get the desired output using a Netgear router. Having said that, we would like to specify that it is pretty normal that the internet speed decreases as you move away from the router. So, you can try coming closer to the router to get speedy internet. However, if the case is otherwise, then move to troubleshoot the poor or slow internet while using a Netgear router.

Resolving Poor Signals from Netgear Router

To resolve poor or weak internet signals from your Netgear router, try the following tips.

Shift Your Netgear Router

Consider shifting your router to a new location if you are receiving a poor signal from it. Placing it in a central position in your home provides maximum coverage. Also, try not to place it in corners of your room, basements, or attics. Try accessing the internet from different locations and orientations. Additionally, try to have a clear line of sight from your Netgear router to the accessing devices. As the signal passes through walls and other objects, the signal strength decreases. Thus, accessing the Netgear router from a place that is not obstructed by any such object will always result in high-speed internet.

Avoid Signal Interference

As mentioned earlier, the internet signal gets affected by walls and other objects. There are certain objects like metal cabinets, thick timber walls, heavy mirrors, reflective surfaces, etc. which can entirely block the signal. Moreover, other devices like Microwave ovens, baby monitors, other wireless devices, etc. can also interfere with the router’s WiFi signal. Thus, avoid placing any such device or object near the Netgear router to receive maximum coverage.

Adjust Netgear Router’s Antennas

Another thing that you can do is adjust the router antennas to receive high-speed signal from it. So, if your Netgear router has adjustable antennas, try adjusting their position according to your home layout. Try moving them horizontally or vertically and check if you can access the high-speed internet or not.

Update Netgear Router Firmware

If your Netgear router is running on an obsolete or older version of firmware then, you might not be receiving its optimum signal range. So, consider performing Netgear router firmware update to get the most out of your device. Simply log in to your router using a web-based interface or Nighthawk app and go to the settings option to check the available firmware update. After this, just follow the on-screen instructions to get the firmware updated on your Netgear router.

Try Wired Connection

You can try connecting your Netgear router to the modem using an Ethernet cable. A wired connection is always much more reliable and stable than a wireless one. Having a wired connection will ensure speedy internet with maximum coverage.

Reboot the Netgear Router

After following all the above-mentioned tips, if you still face a poor internet signal from the Netgear router, then go for the next tip which is to reboot it. Plug out the router from the wall socket to power it off completely. Wait for a couple of minutes and plug it back and turn the power on. Rebooting will take care of any minor technical issues with the Netgear router.

Reset the Netgear Router

If none of the above-mentioned hacks could make you get high-speed internet using the Netgear router, then consider resetting your router. Resetting it will restore the default factory settings on it, thereby making it how it was when you took it out of the box for the first time. That means all the customized preferences and settings will be deleted. Hence, you will again have to set it up by accessing the Netgear router login page. You may use the Nighthawk app or default IP address to login and set up the Netgear router.

Final Thoughts

That’s it. We have tried to cover all the basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow to access high-speed internet using Netgear router to give maximum WiFi coverage. We hope we could assist you in resolving the poor internet issue.

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