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Rockspace Extender Keeps Dropping Connection? Let’s Fix!

People across the world have configured Rockspace range extenders to satiate their internet needs. However, some of them are having poor internet experience as their Rock space WiFi extender keeps dropping connection. In case you are struggling to do away with the same issue, this write-up will help you end that struggle. So, wait no more and read on to learn how to troubleshoot the problem.

Fixed: Rockspace Extender Keeps Dropping Connection

  • Reduce the Extender-Router Distance

The first reason why you are experiencing connection drops with your Rockspace range extender might be the inaccuracy of the distance that is separating it from the router. If it is way too much, then know that you have almost cut all the cords of communication between your WiFi devices. If your WiFi devices are not even in each other’s range, then how can you expect them to propagate their signals? To change your fate, you need to change the distance separating your extender and router. Bring them so close that their signals neither clash nor struggle to communicate.

  • Check the Ethernet Connection

If you have employed a damaged Ethernet cable as a communicating channel between your devices then also your Rockspace extender might keep dropping connection. Additionally, the Ethernet connection can also become weak if the cable is connected to the wrong ports or not properly fits the ports of your devices. Thus, you are required to change the cable in case it is damaged. Make sure that the right ports have been utilized for the Ethernet connection and that the connection is nowhere near loose.

  • Perform Firmware Update

Do you know that your Rockspace range extender runs on a set of instructions that are collectively called firmware? Well, now you know. Let us give you the additional information that these instructions are updated from time to time so that your range extender does not lack the latest features and functionalities. In other words, the new firmware is introduced for your Rockspace extender. Chances are that your extender has started lagging new features due to which it keeps dropping connection. Thus, you should update the firmware by accessing the Rockspace WiFi extender login window. However, ensure that you do not upload the wrong firmware file. Else, the situation might worsen.

  • Change the Extender’s Location

The location at which your Rockspace extender sits affects the efficiency of the extender to a greater extent. Perhaps, the one you’ve selected for your extender is not the correct one. Thus, we advise you to assign a new location to your Rockspace WiFi range extender. But, be sure that the assigned location is nowhere near the device emanating radio wave frequencies, objects containing a large amount of water, metal objects, and those with a metal coating. Such things tend to hinder the WiFi signals of your range extender from reaching their destination.

  • Reset and Reconfigure

If nothing has worked so far in resolving the Rockspace WiFi extender keeps dropping connection problem, then there is a chance that you messed up during the setup process. Thus, take our advice and consider resetting your Rockspace to the default factory mode. The Reset button located on your extender will help you do that. Just push it carefully and let things happen. As soon as your Rockspace device resets, you have to set it up again. In case you don’t know how to setup Rockspace WiFi extender, the extender’s user manual will surely be of help to you. Everything related to your Rockspace device can be found there.


Getting rid of the constant dropping connection problem with the Rockspace range extender is not a daunting task if you implement the proper troubleshooting tactics. We expect that you’ve successfully fixed the issue with the help of this post.

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