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Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrade Comfast Extender Firmware

Updating the Comfast WiFi extender’s firmware might have a significant impact on its efficiency. Due to the fact that it improves security and also includes bug fixes. After upgrading the Comfast extender’s firmware, out-of-order processing is also enhanced. That information processing is instantaneous. In case you’ve never updated the firmware on your Comfast WiFi extender before, have a look at the instructions provided here. You’ll find solutions to problems that may arise when changing the firmware on your Comfast extender here as well. Continue reading.

Guidelines: How to Upgrade Comfast Extender Firmware

  1. Power Up Your Comfast

Put in the batteries and turn on your Comfast wireless range extender. As such, it must be plugged into a power outlet within close proximity to the primary router. Now, locate the Power button and push it to turn on the extender. A device’s LED will light up.

  1. Create Extender-Router Connection

Now, connect your Comfast extender to your primary router using a coaxial connection. To connect the extender to the router, you may use an Ethernet cable, but wireless connectivity is also an option. The connection should be reliable and safe regardless of the origin.

  1. Switch On Your Computer

Turn on your computer once you’ve finished connecting the Comfast range extender to the primary WiFi network. After then, it’s vital that you check your computer for updates. If there is a newer version available, it should be installed first. It will assist you in avoiding complications during the firmware update process for the Comfast wireless range extender.

  1. Download Comfast Firmware File

Then, open a browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. If you want to update the firmware on your Comfast extender, fire up your browser and go over to the webpage where you may do so by entering the model number of your device. You should save the file anywhere on your computer is most easily accessible.

  1. Access the Comfast IP

In a new browser tab, enter the IP address that your Comfast range extender was given by default. Type an entry and hit the Enter key. Comfast extenders may have different default IP addresses depending on the model. As a result, before using the default IP, it is recommended to consult the user manual for the Comfast WiFi repeater.

  1. Log in to Your Extender

To access the Comfast login panel, just press the Enter key. A Comfast wireless range extender’s default password must be entered here. Put it in the appropriate box and hit the Login button.

  1. Upload the Firmware File

Are you able to see the Comfast WiFi extender setup wizard? Yes? After this, updating the firmware on your Comfast WiFi range extender will be a breeze. You’ll want to go over to the Management subheading and hit the Firmware Update link there.

The firmware file you got from the official Comfast website will be shown on the Firmware Update window. So, just do what you’re told and stick to the on-screen prompts.

  1. Wait!

Your Comfast wireless range extender will automatically upgrade to the new firmware within a few minutes. Be patient while the process unfolds and wait for the extender to reset before proceeding to the last step of updating the Comfast firmware.

Even if updating the Comfast firmware is easy enough for a beginner, it has been observed that many users still have trouble doing it. With that in mind, the following section is designed to make firmware updates as easy as possible for end users.

Sum Up

This concludes the guide on upgrading the firmware via the Comfast setup wizard. We expect you to be able to add additional capabilities to your gadget by following the instructions provided in this page. If so, please leave a comment below with your opinions. Your attention to the post is appreciated.

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