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Tired of Constant Reboots of Netgear Router? Try These Tips!

Netgear has set a benchmark for its contemporaries when it comes to networking devices. That is why it has become a household name. People across the world trust Netgear routers due to their unbeatable WiFi performance and characteristics. But, even the best networking device can also give you a bad experience. Many users out there have complained that they are fed up with constant reboots of their Netgear routers even after completing the setup process. If you are also among those unfortunate users, then this article will change your stars. Have a look at the troubleshooting tips discussed below and learn to fix the issue in a jiffy.

Fixed: Constant Reboots of Netgear Router

  1. Verify the Power Socket

Every Netgear router requires electricity to function properly. But, it seems that the one you are using is not getting the same. Perhaps, you’ve selected a damaged socket for powering up your WiFi device or your area shares an old relation with random power outages. Whatever the situation is, you ought to ensure a proper power supply to your Netgear WiFi router. Get the socket repaired or replaced if your router is connected to a damaged one. In case you are the victim of the second case, we suggest you consider using a UPS for powering up your Netgear WiFi router.

  1. Check the Router-Modem Connection

There are times when the Netgear router keeps rebooting due to a weak router-modem connection. Well, this reason comes into play depending on the source of connection opted to link your devices. If a wireless source is holding your devices together, then take care of the distance imparted to them. It must not be too much. In the contrast, it must not be too less either. In case a wire has been selected by you for joining your WiFi devices, then you need to be damn sure that the network cable in use is not damaged and perfectly fits the router and modem’s Ethernet port.

  1. Update the Firmware

You might also encounter constant reboots of your Netgear WiFi router if the firmware version on which it is operating has become outdated. This is to inform you that running the device on outdated firmware means inviting many issues to your table. Random reboots of the router are just the beginning. Therefore, we advise you to access the admin dashboard and install a new firmware version on the router. Also, if you choose to update the Netgear router firmware with the help of the manual method, download the correct file keeping the router’s model number in mind.

  1. Keep Your Router Cool

You might be unaware but unnecessary heating of the router can also lead to the occurrence of constant reboots of the router. Yes, we agree that technical devices like Netgear WiFi routers generate heat. But, it must not be in excess. Therefore, to prevent that, you can consider keeping your devices in a cool place. The location is supposed to be well-ventilated. Additionally, avoid keeping your router near direct heat sources like sunlight, furnaces, etc.

  1. Reset the Router

If none of the aforementioned hacks have succeeded to help you do away with the Netgear router’s constant reboots, then remember what we said at the commencement of this post. We said that the router must be configured properly. But, it seems that you skipped that point. No worries! The issue can be fixed with the reset of your wireless router. Just push the button named Reset and you’re all done. Thereafter, access and set up the router again.

Sum Up

That’s all that can be done from your end to resolve the constant reboots of the Netgear router. We hope you are now free of the problem. Thanks for reading.

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