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The Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing

Maintenance of a car is the only thing that will keep you going in the long run. People say there’s some difference between car detailing by professionals and washing your car at home. But this is not true. The only thing that makes a huge difference is the method adopted and the products and accessories used for cleaning your car. 

With the help of the right method, you can provide that professional touch to your self-service car wash and ensure the long life of your favourite vehicle. You can use several online platforms to search for car detailing products like the best tyre cleaners, car wax, glass cleaners, and the best vacuum cleaner for car in India. Order them online to receive free doorstep facilities at your chosen location.

However, getting a trusted website that offers all kinds of vehicle products is not easy. You might get different websites offering specific parts or products. But CarOrbis offers you an all-encompassing platform where you can compare various kinds of car accessories, go through their product descriptions and prices and choose the ones that would be best for you.

What Is Meant By Car Detailing?

Car detailing is slightly different from what people understand as a simple car wash. It involves just a random cleaning of your car, inspecting your car, and opting for the immediate restoration of the damages. A well-planned car detailing would help you protect the car paint, glass surfaces and interior from any damage.

However, faulty methods adopted in the process not only keep your car unfurnished and dull looking but also would reduce its lifetime. Therefore if you opt to wash your car at home, you must equip yourself with the right method.

Why Is It Important For Your Car?

Frequent car detailing is extremely important for your car to ensure better looks and to know your car more. Opting for an automated car wash will get heavy on your budget and, at the same time, will not provide attention to the various parts of your vehicle. 

How Frequently Should You Opt For Car Detailing?

Car detailing should be performed at least once a month if you regularly use your car to commute to your workplace. If your car remains stored in the garage for most of the time, you can consider car detailing once every two months.

Your Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing:

Car detailing includes the same amount of attention given to the exterior and interior of your car during cleaning. Therefore you need to divide your entire task and a lot of time for cleaning accordingly. 

Begin With Evaluating The Condition Of Your Car:

Before starting your car detailing process, you need to evaluate the condition of your car and the accessories required to clean it correctly. After you have arranged everything, inspect your car paint and look for any scratches or marks. If your car paint seems smooth, you can go for a regular car wash with a shampoo and microfiber cloth; if not, you need to provide special attention.

Select A Shade To Avoid The Direct Sun Rays:

Car detailing under direct sunlight might cause damage to your car paint. Choose a shade to perform the job.

Clean Your Car Interior First:

First, clean your car interior. Pull out all the trash and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior thoroughly.

Start With the Top Portion First and Move towards the Bottom:

After you have cleaned the interior, it’s time to shift your attention to your car’s exterior. Since the bottom part of your car attracts most dirt and debris, it would be wise to start with the wheels and the bottom and then move upwards.

Clean Your Wheels And Tyres:

Use a wheel brush to effectively pull out dirt and dust particles, and use a tyre cleaner to clean your car tyres thoroughly. Inspect for any tear and wear or leakage on your tyre. Use metal polish on the metal surface of the wheels to make them more glossy.

Use Surface Cleaners For Various Surfaces:

Different car surfaces need specially manufactured solutions that help in efficient cleaning. Use a glass cleaner for the glass surfaces, dashboard cleaner for the dashboard and windshield cleaners for the windshield.

Let It Dry, And Apply Car Wax:

After washing your car, let it dry for a considerable time and apply car wax to lock the showroom glow of your vehicle.

Final Thoughts:

All car detailing accessories, from vacuum cleaners to car shampoos, are available at CarOrbis. They offer top-quality products at affordable rates that go easy on your budget. You can also receive discounts on particular products.

Order online to get your chosen products delivered to your chosen location. Moreover, customers are also offered attractive benefits like free shipping, easy return policies, and flexible payment methods that make their shopping experience incredible.

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