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Want to Hide WiFi Name of Your Netgear Extender? Here’s How!

It is the WiFi name of the Netgear range extender that allows the user to access the internet via its network. However, there are times when unauthorized users get acquainted with the Netgear extender’s WiFi name and access it for illegal practice. Although changing the WiFi password serves the purpose of keeping WiFi bandits away, however, they are hackers. It won’t be a challenging task for them to break the extender’s security via the WiFi name. Thus, you should hide the WiFi name of your Netgear extender. If you do so, the Netgear_ext will disappear from every network list present in its range thereby creating a security layer for your home network. In case you don’t know the steps to hide the WiFi name a.k.a. SSID of your extender, this post will accompany you with the process. Read on.

How to Hide Netgear Extender WiFi Name?

  • Load an Internet Browser

Most of the operations related to Netgear extenders that involve tweaking the settings of the device require an internet browser to be carried out. Thus, the first step in hiding the WiFi name of the Netgear range extender is to lay hands on a web browser. However, this step requires some caution to be followed. They are:

  1. The web browser must be utilizing the latest software version. If not, then grab the one satisfying this requirement. FYI, the Netgear Genie wizard doesn’t run on older versions of web browsers.
  2. All the clutter from the web browser currently in use must be cleared. By the term clutter, we want you to drag your attention toward the cache and cookies accumulated in the web browser. Thus, get rid of it beforehand.
  • Visit

Right after loading an internet browser, you need to access the default web address of the Netgear range extender. Know that the default URL of every Netgear extender is So, enter the same into the address bar of the internet browser with the utmost care and hit Enter. You will soon cross paths with the login window of the Netgear extender. In case that doesn’t happen, consider checking for typos in the URL entree. Also, be sure that you have entered the URL into the address bar only not the search bar.

  • Key in the Username and Password

On the administrative window of your Netgear extender, you are supposed to input the default admin information. We would like to tell you that you can take the aid of the user manual of the Netgear extender to know about the default password and username. However, you need to input the new ones if the default ones have been modified by you. Also, bear in mind that the nature of the extender’s credentials is case-sensitive. Thus, be extra cautious during their entree. Once entered, click Log In.

  • Disable the SSID Broadcast

The Netgear Genie wizard will welcome you soon. Here, you have to locate the Settings menu of the range extender and click it. Thereafter, select Wireless. Now, move to the frequency band for which you want to hide the WiFi name of your Netgear extender. There, locate the Enable SSID Broadcast checkbox and uncheck it. Thereafter, click it. With that, the WiFi name of the corresponding frequency band will disappear from the network list. In case you want to hide the WiFi name of another band, navigate to its settings section and follow the same steps after reaching the Netgear Genie setup wizard.

In Conclusion

Improved security is one of the most celebrated benefits of hiding the WiFi name of the Netgear extender. As it prevents unauthorized access, it helps in improving the internet speed too. Hopefully, the steps disclosed above will help you hide the Netgear extender WiFi name. Thanks for reading!

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