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Why is My Linksys Extender Not Showing Up on WiFi List?

You won’t be able to access the top-notch features housed by your Linksys extender if it fails to show up on the WiFi list. Well, fret not! Implementing the workarounds mentioned here will easily help you get rid of the problem. But, before that, ensure that you have properly installed your Linksys extender using the web address. Read on.

Fixed: Linksys Extender Not Showing Up on WiFi List

  • Get Rid of WiFi Interference

The Linksys range extender is known to pick up WiFi signals emitted by the router and retransmit them after amplification. But, have you ever wondered if these signals can get deflected or blocked? All this happens due to signal interference. Some factors present in the home don’t allow the propagation of the signals in a proper way stopping your Linksys range extender to show up on the WiFi list. In that scenario, you should either relocate your extender or keep those factors away from the extender. Some factors responsible for the eruption of WiFi interference are reflexive surfaces, metal objects, and devices operating on the principle of electromagnetic induction. So, choose your extender’s location wisely.

  • Improve the Extender-Router Connection

Your Linksys range extender might fail to show up on the WiFi list if it is not communicating properly with the host router. It happens if the Ethernet cable connecting both devices is not in a working state. Thus, you should check for the same. If the Ethernet cable is found damaged, substituting it with a new cable will be a good idea. In case a wireless source is holding a connection between your devices, make sure that the distance separating your devices is optimal at all costs. 

  • Update the Firmware

Is your Linksys extender still not showing up on the WiFi list? Perhaps, your device is operating on an obsolete firmware version. FYI, if the firmware of your Linksys extender becomes outdated, then the device starts lacking the latest features and creates issues. Therefore, we advise you to update the Linksys extender to get the problem fixed. Also, performing firmware updates equips the device with new security standards. Thus, doing a Linksys firmware update is a win-win situation. You can either visit or use the Linksys app to update your range extender.

  • Reboot the Extender

Many users are so busy that they don’t pay attention to the fact that their Linksys range extenders need rest. If your Linksys extender works 24/7, then there is a huge possibility that technical glitches will affect its performance creating issues similar to the one you are struggling with. Thus, you should consider giving some rest to your extender. Rebooting can do the job for you. The steps that are required to be followed are unplugging the extender, giving it some rest, and re-plugging it.

  • Check for Viruses on Your Device

If the Linksys extender can’t be seen on the WiFi list, then it’s not necessary that the problem is from the end of your range extender. Chances are that the device on which you are trying to access the Linksys extender is infected with viruses. Why don’t you check the same? An antivirus program will help you detect the presence of viruses on your device. In case any file is detected, the only thing you have to do is delete them. Thereafter, see if the problem you were facing has been fixed.

Sum UpThe Linksys extender not showing up on the WiFi list issue has ruined the experiences of many. We are hopeful that the tips discussed above will help you do away with it. In case every hack fails, reset your Linksys device. No matter whether you are facing a Linksys router password not working issue or your extender keeps restarting, resetting has the tendency to fix all major issues if implemented on the targeted device.

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